Two Parallel Jobs with self-Employment

I worked on two different jobs but both are self employed. Do I need put two entries with two verifiers? 10/2017 to present—- self employment (Project A. Company A) 10/2018 to present — self employment Project B Company B). I appreciate your help and time.

Yes. They are two separate employments, so they need to be listed as such.

The form will probably want you to list different verifiers for each employment, but you may be able to use the same person for both, as long as that person has knowledge of the details of both employments.

Thank you for the reply. Since I am working for my own corporation can I put one entry 10/2017 to present with one verifier to avoid confusion on working locations. One job is remote and another one I have to go to work location.
Sorry for the confusion.

been thinking to start another self emplyment job myself and i was wondering this too. thanks.

Are these self employments the same but just different project within that self employment? Or are they two different companies all together?

Your original post says Company A and Company B, so it sounds like they’re two separate companies. If you can clarify I can give better advice here.

For example, two entirely different self employments:

Let’s say I have my own cupcake company called Cupcake, LLC that I started in 01/2016 and still do work for.

And I also have a web design company called Webs, LLC that I started in 04/2017 and still do work for.

I would list both of those separately with the correct dates and list verifiers for both. (Ideally two different verifiers, but can be the same if absolutely necessary.) Verifier(s) must know that you had these self employments and vouch for them.

@Jmp1013 Thank you for your reply. Here is the details.
Self-employment company is same but two different projects.
I have my own “s” corp (Mass Corp) and running my paychecks with “Mass corp” only. I am working on two different projects for Company A and company B. Both Company A and Company B pay the compensation to “Mass Corp”.
Company A contract started on 10/2017 and Company B contract started on 10/2018.
So if I add one entry 10/2017 to PRESENT with “Mass Corp” is good enough or do I need to enter two entries like 10/2017 to PRESENT with “Mass Corp” and 10/2018 to PRESENT with “Mass Corp”.
Hopefully this time I am not confusing you. Thanks a lot for you time.

IMHO, Count paycheck suppliers not jobs. If your paychecks all come from one source, that’s one job.

Okay, this makes much more sense now.

Okay so your employment is with the same company, your own corp - Mass Corp. Even though you are working on projects for two different companies, those companies are considered your clients, NOT your employers. Your employer is yourself (aka Mass Corp).

The correct way to list this is to list it as self-employment beginning on the date that you began the corp. They will check the business license as record of this employment. So even if you opened the corp in 05/17 but didn’t get any clients until 10/17, you would list the initial date of 05/17.

So here’s how to list it:
Select the self employment option. Company name will be Mass Corp. Dates are, like I said, whenever you began the corp until present. The fact that you’ve had a contract with Company A since 10/17 and with Company B since 10/18 does not matter here.

I see where this is confusing for people because they might be working with multiple companies like you are. Bottom line is that those companies are not your employers. You don’t receive a paycheck from them. (Them paying your company is different than you being their employee.) They are clients of your self-employment.

Does this all make sense?

@Jobseeker you have to tread carefully there when it comes to self-employment. It’s something that people mess up on their forms ALL the time. Referencing my previous example, if I have my own company called Cupcake, LLC and John Smith hires me to make him cupcakes for a party, I am not an employee of John Smith. He was a client who paid for services of my self-employment business.

A good tip is to think about it in terms of doing your taxes. Would John Smith report me as an employee and send me the corresponding tax doc? No.

That Make sense to me. May be I can put multiple entries when I switch the jobs so that I can put my colleague name as verifier. For parallel jobs I am going to enter one entry only.

Thank you very much @Jmp1013.

Thank you

No, it should be entered all as one single employment item.

You’ve only had one self employment so you only need to list it once and have one verifier. It has nothing to do with the contracts you worked on within the one self employment.

Again, if I run Cupcakes, LLC and I make cupcakes for Frank in 10/18, Bob in 01/19, and Susan in 03/19, it’s still all one employment, not three separate ones.

I would list it as having worked for Cupcakes, LLC from 10/18 - 03/19. And list one verifier who knows you run Cupcakes, LLC.

Do NOT list it as three separate employments just because you had three separate clients.

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If you are self-employed as a landscaper and you do 50 landscape projects for 50 different home owners you don’t list 50 different employments, you list one— self-employment as a landscaper.


i find it quite obvious taking in consideration that you’re self employed at the same project. but i think OP asked for 2 different projects while being self employed. for me that would be delice recipies i’m working at home and photography that i’m working at office.

This can be a tricky question, but too many needlessly make it tricky.

If you are your own business - you only have to list the one business (yours) as the employer. If you have several businesses and you contract out under different names, then you must report each self employment.

In the Original Poster’s story - I would list two self employment periods with two different contracts, UNLESS he has one business/dba they use (ex" Smith Consulting).

Echo what backgdinvestigator and others have said, one company, one entry. You can explain the multiple projects in the comments section. But be brief, no need for a dissertation.

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That is what OP is asking. And like it’s been said- two different projects under the same self employment should be listed as one employment activity.

If you have your own company, no one cares if you do multiple different projects, no matter how different the projects are.

If you have your own business, it’s an employment.

Now, if you have one LLC for your photography and a different LLC for your recipes, then they’d be listed separately.

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