Checked Fedaral Contractor Instead of Self-Employment

I checked Federal Contractor instead of Self-Employment while filling the (DHS) e_QIP application. I explained to the Investigator during the interview that I am not sure I am Federal contractor or self-employment. He said you suppose to check the Self-Employment. Does it effect my Background Investigation clearance.

Thank you

No . . . It shouldn’t be a big deal.


No just tell you investigator when they talk to you if they talk to you. It’s just discrepant information and an oversight on your part. No big deal…

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Most people check the wrong employment type because they don’t read; they’re just checking and filling.

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Thank you for you reply.
Another question I have is
I worked on two jobs like
10/2014 to 10/2016 Company “A” Full time
10/2015 to 06/2017 Self-employment
What should I put in the eQIP for employment activities.

I answered on your other post, but list them exactly as you’ve listed them here. It’s okay that they overlap, but list them both with the correct dates. The investigator will just want to know how you were able to do both jobs at once. Not a huge problem. Happens frequent.

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HI EdFarmerlll
Please help me on the following.
I worked on two different jobs but both are self employed. Do I need put two entries with two verifiers?
10/2017 to present—- self employment (Project A. Company A)
10/2018 to present — self employment Project B Company B).
I appreciate your help and time.

@EdFarmerIII apparently my answer hasn’t been good enough lol

Sorry. This is my second scenario. I apologize.

I think that I answered this on another post . . . It’s hard to tell these days.

It really doesn’t matter much. These are not trick questions and they aren’t trying to trip you up. Answer it best way that you can. If you were set up as a contracting company, then you were self employed and had two clients. That’s the simplest answer and you can justify. If your investigator tells you it should have been listed differently, you have an explanation and it will not be a big deal.

You are really the only one who knows what you were doing at the time. The rest of us need to make too many guesses as to what you were really doing at the time.

Thank you for your reply.