INV Form 42 Addressed to myself?

Hello, today I received a INV Form 42 addressed to myself?

I think received it because on my qQIP it asked “who can verify your self-employment”, I put down myself because I never had a very small side business some time ago and no employees. My customers were few and far between and contact was made only once, it was not ongoing. I don;t even have the old client contact anymore. That was on another laptop that is no longer operating. So, technically it was really only me. the self employment/small side business ended beginning 2018.

I put all of this in the additional comments section explaining why I listed myself.

Anyway , they (DCSA) have sent me this form.

I’m thinking to not fill it out and just to ignore it. It would be weird to fill out my the form about myself and the BI might think I’m pulling a fast one…am I right or am I right?

Any advice from the BIs here is appreciated.


You can’t list yourself as a self-employment verifier. Find someone else who can verify.

You can ignore it, it is not required to close the background investigation nor will it affect the outcome.

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Unless you fired yourself for cause.


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Ok, thanks. I’ll ignore.

That would be interesting to see…

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What level of clearance and background check are you going through by tier and name?

I don’t understand. Do not these forms have to be filled out? What will the investigator do if they are not sent back, not just in this case but in the case of a past employer?

This position is designated Non-critical Sensitive. Occupants of Non-critical Sensitive positions must have an Access National Agency Check with written Inquiries (ANACI) conducted by the Office of Personnel Management"

Thank you for your reply. In the case of ANACI or Top Secret, Secret Clearance (if also applicable), what happens if the investigator is referred to HR as a matter of company policy (how often is this?) or the applicant cannot provide past managers?

bump, any answers? Would be much obliged!

Quit trying to game the system. In each scenario you pose, your Investigation goes on. That is the answer.

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I’m sorry, the response “the investigation goes on…” I’m not sure what that means as a layman. Are you saying that without the supervisor information or in the case of HR lack of cooperation beyond directory information (dates, title, etc.), the investigators close out that question and move on to another question?

Thank you for your time.

He wrote, “your investigation goes on.”