INV41 Form intercepted by HR--SF85

I’ve talked to several HR reps today in regards to forms. The very large corps. use third party verifiers and restrict themselves to directory information.
The medium outfits tend to, but not universerally, stick to directory information.

What is your experience?

In my experience, government contractors (specifically, defense contractors or other companies with classified/cleared work) will take these maybe more seriously than companies not directly involved in such matters.

This includes providing investigators with greater access to HR records.

That seems to be the case, but I don’t know what the implications are. I have never worked for a contractor but the usual private companies everyone else does.

Does the form, I believe INV 41 go to supervisor or HR or both? Most large companies use Thomas Company for verifications and they are just forwarded there from HR if sent to the private job site.
What happens when this happens?

You don’t need to worry about this at all. Investigators are well trained and experienced in obtaining the required information.