INV 41 - Type 57

Is INV 41 mandatory to be submitted by employer ? Is it necessary to be sent to supervisor or co-worker can sign it ? Would you please assist ?

Also does it go to both supervisor’s office . & resident address? Kindly suggest

INV 41 is almost always sent out, from what I understand. It may be labeled differently based on the type of clearance you’re seeking, but the substance is the same.

It has to be sent to a supervisor. It is silent as to whether it has to be your latest supervisor. A co-worker cannot sign off on it. In any event, the form is sent directly to your former employer’s HR dept, not the supervisor in question.

New to this process. Not seeking a contractor position, but a federal employee position. I listed my former employers’ addresses (which are subdivisions of local government). Will the agency locate the HR address for each position or will they send it to the actual divisions’ addresses? I did not think about the difference when I submitted my SF85P and supplemental questions.

The address you listed is the address the computer will send your questionnaire/local agent.