INV Form 41 questions

I posted this as a replay to another discussion, thought I should make a new topic. So, I am fairly new to this blog, in process of getting Secret Clearance for Position with contractor, I have a conditional offer, question for anyone that can help. What if current employer refuses to fill out the questionnaire (INV Form 41). President of the company (was not trilled about me potential leaving I guess) says he won’t fill out the papers until after I no longer work for him or his company. I guess what I am really asking is there a way to get the form filled out? He has both the one sent directly to him and the one sent to the personnel office. Or will my investigator send an officer, or visit themselves, to interview in person? How can I help avoid delays in my clearance process?

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Thank you, I appreciate the feedback and glad it won’t delay the process.

Just curious as I am awaiting my clearance, but do all employers that you list on SF86 receive written inquiries or just only the most current one?

Question or I guess a Scenario: Is there any negative repercussions to the clearance Process for changing jobs while you are waiting for your clearance to get through all the phases to a “Cleared” status (that is for a completely different company)?

I changed sponsors in mid-stream during my clearance process and then changed jobs in the non-cleared world just before I was finally granted my clearance.

Your life doesn’t stop when you apply for a clearance. It is pretty well understood that you have to continue doing what is best for yourself and your family during the overly long, complex process of gaining a clearance. Many people marry, divorce or move during the 18 months or longer that it takes to get a clearance. Change girlfriends? Meet a new best friend? Before I moved into my current home in 1994, I moved ten times in ten years. That means that I would have changed addresses TWICE during my 18 month investigation!

Of course . . . If you changed jobs because your were fired for having an affair with the owner’s wife . . . That might have some repercussions . . .

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A huge step in the right direction for me, Subject interview Monday 2/26/18. I have been quietly reading posts here and waiting for my turn at a interview. Very Happy to announce that it has been scheduled.