Contingent employer asking me to put them as current employer

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Hope everyone is feeling great after the long weekend! I have a question for you all about how contracts work. I am currently employed and cleared. I’ve been offered another job contingent on me clearing with a new client. I’ve been waiting a while now, maybe a year still working for my original company. Now the new company says I have to fill out another form saying they are my current employer. The only thing is I have yet to actually work for them. No pay, benefits, etc. They aren’t sponsoring me in any way other than recommending me. I can’t tell if it’s them or client security requesting this. Is this a normal request? Is it possible they’ve been able to bill for me since I’ve been in process for some time now? Or maybe because of covid? I am curious - I don’t want to lie on any of my forms. And I certainly wouldn’t think it was fair if they were making money off me not even being there (not to assume or anything). Thanks for anyone who has seen this before and can help!

Are these security forms, like the SF-86? Somebody else reported this not too long ago.

This is a contractor bad habit. I can’t recall how many times I’ve had to do a Subject interview, slowing the process, because the contractor that had the Subject list them as the current employer then tells us there is no record of the employment.

I can’t tell you to go against that FSO/contract company, but they are wrong to tell you to list them as your current employer when they are not.


Absolutely what backgdinvestigator said.

I still can’t figure out why companies instruct applicants to do this. Just causes extra work all the way around.


I was told to do the same thing by my FSO and the person conducting my Subject Interview didn’t seem surprised by it.

Why is this done? To prevent having gaps in employment?

Inexperience and/or failure to understand vetting basics.

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Your FSO needs some remedial security training.

So very very common. I would specifically ask whoever told you to put that information down if they realize they are asking you to lie and provide false information on a federal form and see what they say. If you decide to do it at their request it might be best to describe that in the optional comments section as well as providing the name and number of the person who told you to “lie” I’ve seen that done by Subjects who feel very uncomfortable with doing exactly what you are describing.

I was told to do the same thing back in 2016. I was told I had to be listed as employed by them or they could not begin the clearance request process. I did this. Then I was interviewed at some point and asked why the start date I put on the SF-86 didn’t match what HR said months later when they verified employment. I explained why, and the interviewer asked me at two different times in the interview the same question. I answered the same each time. My clearance was granted.