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I submitted my eQip recently, listing my current employer that I have been at for 21 years as my current employer. I have been reading about the eQip and common rejection reasons and I see that a common cause for rejection is not listing your sponsoring company as your current employer. I didn’t consider myself as an employee of them, my employment is contingent on getting clearance. Is this correct, I should have listed them as my employer? Is there anything I can do about that now? I looked through everything I have received and nothing advised me to put them as my current employer. I sent an email to the FSO explaining this but I’m sure I won’t hear back until Monday.

You correctly listed the employment as the process was intended.


Not sure where this incorrect guidance came from, to list the sponsoring company. Ive seen it more and more the last few years. Wish someone would quash it.

But yeah, as stated above, you listed your employment correctly.

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Thank you very much!

Until you cash a paycheck, you do not belong to my company. AN offer is extended, and you must clear before badging. Due to the length of the clearance process (been really backed up this past 18 months) we always tell folks to keep the job they have, and keep looking for one if not working. If what we have to offer when you clear is in your best interests, then you can become an employee. But I suppose there are many companies where you are already employed by them and getting put in for the Clearance to work on more sensitive stuff. They see that as a disconnect. But my client will not let you step onto the compound without a clearance.

I wish you had been the recruiter that sought me out.
I was told they had everything needed for me to start and asked for a start date. I gave notice to an almost 5 year FTE position and 2 days after leaving received an email stating interim was not granted (address issue) and start date was pushed back. 6 weeks later I receive another email (2 days before new start date) that just said, we weren’t working on getting the interim, we just replaced you. The project had to move on…sorry.
Left me out of work, income, bene’s, etc.