Will sponsoring company cancelled my eqip application?

I was wondering if a sponsoring company cancelled your eqip application after a certain period of time? I had secret clearance but it was expired 2016.
I was unemployed and had applied for a job in Virginia, and I got it, so within a few days the FSO sent me an invitation for eqip, and done everything including finger prints, this was in December 2016, and therefore I don’t know if they remember me or they had cancelled my eqip application, I have tried to contact the FSO, but no words from him at all, I am starting to think they cancelled eqip application and not going forward with me.

Sure sounds like it went into the trash can somewhere.

Are you no longer unemployed? I would hope you had found something during this period.

The question for the discussion community is, what does this person need to do if he applied for another clearance? He certainly was never denied. He can’t even find out what agency he went to. Can he safely just pretend all this never happened if he has to apply again?

The sponsoring company may not, for whatever reason, even submitted him for investigation.

If the FSO isn’t responding, I would be hitting the HR department and finding someone who can push some buttons.

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I would reach out to HR in writing. See if you can get any info. Many times we put folks into process on a contingent basis. With TS clearances running 18 to 24 months at times…it is nearly impossible to have people cleared to fill new requirements right on the spot. If the client pulled back the requirement…your clearance likely wasn’t processed. HR should be able to tell you the status.

Thx for the response. I was unemployed for about 4 months.

So the FSO canceled eqip app just like that?


I’ll have to defer to someone else for the actual details. I’m not sure they can ‘cancel’ the eQIP but they can indicate to the government that you dont need the clearance anymore, and thereby stop the investigation.

There’s also a short window after you fill it out that they can stop it.

A background investigation can be “discontinued” (i.e. cancelled) anytime during the process.

I have a discontinue request going through right now. I contacted the Subject and he is no longer employed with the requesting Agency.