What would you do?

Anyone ever heard of such a situation?

6/1 - Accepted conditional job offer through contractor to work for an agency
6/14 - SF86 submitted
7/11 - interview with BI
8/15 - investigation concluded
10/10 - secret clearance granted

Yesterday when the recruiter from the contractor group called she informed me that my clearance has been granted, however they ended up filling my job with someone in house bc the manager needed someone urgently “a few weeks ago”. Yet they never decided to inform me of this whatsoever. No remorse. No “sorry about that”. She actually continued to ask if I was interested in a job that was far below what I had accepted and I sternly declined. Job literally gone out of thin air and I have waited since June on this to happen.

A part of me says screw them, wouldn’t want to work for an organization that does people like that anyway. But another part of me is just furious and dreading having to look for another job. They said they’re going to try to find another similar position to plug me into since I’m cleared now but idk. I have the clearance now so I know I should find a way to utilize that.

What would you do??

Sounds like a bait and switch. Dependent on your location, apply at other contractors… that company does not own your clearance, the requesting federal agency does.

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But does it really mean he has a clearance? Without being read in? My experience - is it might not even be visibe for people to see…