HELP! Being granted security clearance and changing jobs.

Hey guys. So I was recently told my security clearance was granted like March 28th? I think by my FSO. However the recruiter didn’t call me till yesterday. It seems they want me to start working for the new company asap. This is however I’m currently working somewhere else and I don’t live in the DC NOVA area. I remember seeing you have to start employment after 30 days after you’re clearance is granted. Like I’m ecstatic and would love to but I kinda need a little time to give notice to my current employer and find a place to live. Does mean the 30 days started the 28th? I don’t wanna lose my clearance so I am a bit panicking and would love advice. The recruiter said to send me her my updated resume, and I did, and she said she’s gonna look into what can be done.

I recall the 30-days period was to apply when interim clearance is granted because they want your investigation to continue for final clearance.

Some employer might want you to start as soon as possible based on their business needs given that many of their “contingent” employees are still stuck in the clearance process.

Best way is to check with your recruiter with the on-boarding process. Again, congrats and good luck!

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I think there is professional wiggle room on the 30 days. Contract companies want a butt in the seat or they are in default. But everyone has people stuck in the system and clients understand. I would engage the company and make sure they actively sponsored your clearance.