Secret Level 3 employer validation

Does OPM send written inquiries to the employer address that is listed on SF86 for level 3 Secret? If not, how does OPM get in touch with former employers to verify employment? Reason I ask is bc my former supervisor no longer works for that company.

One letter goes to the HR office for the company and the other goes to the supervisor you listed for that employment. Usually one of the two will get sent back in and that is all OPM is really looking for in order to check the block. It will not affect the ability to get cleared.

Thanks. I suppose investigator will be able to locate the former employer HR if the address of that employer listed on sf86 is no longer valid bc employer relocated? I believe that is what happened to my former company but I used to work for a large defense agency that is easy to find online.

I had a previous supervisor leave the company and the investigator called me and asked for more information about that company, during my current clearance investigation. In my previous clearance process (earlier this year) the investigator never mentioned the fact that the guy didn’t work there anymore. Either way, if it is a concern they will reach out to you, I wouldn’t worry about it.

This brings up a critical error in completing the SF86 (and will slow down the process).

When you list a supervisor (or anyone) list their contact information as of the day you submit your EQIP - not the contact information when you worked together. If you don’t know your supervisor/don’t know their current location - then list someone who worked there with you (preferably a manger or other supervisor) where you do know their location. List in the comments who your supervisor was and why you didn’t list them if you want to cover your bases.

This sounds silly - but don’t list dead people as verifiers or references on your form. This happens more often than one would believe. If your former supervisor is deceased - list someone who worked with you at the employment and put a comment in that “Joe Snuffy, my supervisor, is deceased”.

Basic rule of thumb - list the contact information so an investigator/agent can walk up to the address, knock on the door, and speak to that person.

BTW-professional hint - I’d rather have a source’s day address/work address/military unit than the residential address so I can talk to them during the day during their work hours.