Past Supervisors and Foreign Contacts?

Hello! I am filling out an SF86 for my current job (promotion/department change) and I’m having issues wrapping my head around a few things.

  1. My cohabitant has an aunt and uncle that were both born in the US but moved to the UK (for a job) and got dual citizenships. Even though they are still US citizens, would they be considered foreign contacts?

  2. Early on in my career I had quite a few small seasonal jobs, sometimes for a few weeks or a couple of months. A few of the stores have since closed and I have no personal contact info for any of the supervisors (the jobs were from 7-10 years ago).

what should I do if I simply cannot get supervisor info? Should I just list the location I worked and put a memo that I could not get additional info but can provide my W2? All of the stores were corporate owned - maybe list the corporate HR number?

  1. My previous job was at a small business that was sold-off and subsequently liquidated (including my position). That happened a few years ago and I have barely communicated with the owners since. While trying to get info for the SF86, I discovered that the owners basically retired and moved abroad.

This is sort of a combination of questions 1 and 2 - would they be considered foreign contacts since they moved out of the country? And how should I list their info given the fact the company no longer exists (I have W2s to prove I did work for them, and several of my coworkers’ contact info).

Thanks ahead of time. Sorry for any typos above, my brain is hurting from trying to figure all of this out.

  1. Yes . . . List them if you have “close and continuing contact” with them or it YOU are “bound by affection”. I don’t think that it will hurt you at all.

  2. Put together the best chronology that you can with as much information as you can. That’s all they can expect you to do. This is especially true if you are going back to your youth and it was that long ago. If you have old W-2’s they can help you put things together. Just make sure that you indicate somewhere in the explanations that you reconstructed things the best you could.

  3. Again . . . Explain the situation and list the best information that you can. If the company was sold, it was sold to someone. They should still have employment records and you should be able to contact them and find out who to direct the investigators to.

As I say often, these aren’t trick questions and they are not trying to lay a perjury trap for you. Answer the best you can in the time you have. Now, I would also recommend that you continue to try to get better information AFTER you file your SF86 and provide that information to your investigator if you are interviewed.

“Close and continuing”

If you just found out they moved, that is neither close nor continuing.

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List all of the jobs within the required time period. For the employers that are no longer at their location, but are corporate/franchise, list the address where your employment record should be. For job location list the old address. For supervisor, list the name and put unknown for the current contact information.

Former small business - list the employment - and the owners with the business address as unknown - unless you know their address. You can still list the job location and insert the comment that the business is closed and the job location is no longer valid.

Listing business addresses that are no longer valid just delays your process. You want to list the job locations with comments to show you are not hiding the employment.