Clarification on foreign contacts

I know questions regarding foreign contacts on SF86 have been asked a lot on the forum, but I still have some specific questions to my situation hoping someone can shed some lights on. I recall a list of people that I have contacted in the past 10 years that isn’t a U.S citizen, either green-card holders, or visa holders:

  1. Coworkers: I worked at a place in Seattle about four months ago where most of my coworkers are green-card holders, or on visa. I obviously communicate with them daily for work, and occasionally hanged out with them after work hours. After leaving the workplace I no longer communicate with them at all.

  2. Classmates: I attended a U.S college between 2014 - 2017. I had a quite a few classmates who were on visa. During college I communicated with them a lot for school work. After college I occasionally communicated with two of them.

  3. Cousin: I talked to my cousin who were at China ( I am from China ) once during new year of 2018, since she just got into a college in China and thinking about pursuing the same degree as I did, so she is asking for advice. I have not talked to her ever since, and I have only talked to her once in the past 10 years.

  4. Facebook friend: I talked to my high school friend’s mom once on Facebook regarding my friend’s birthday party. I have not talked to her ever since.

I don’t view any of the above as have or had a bounding relationship with me, but that is my point of view. Which of the above should I list under foreign contact?

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I can definitely say that number 1 does not apply. Just spoke with the investigaor about foreign coworkers from China and they asked whether it was a personal relationship or was it just work hours / coworker-like. Your description seems to fit well. Unless you continud contact beyond professional business then I would list them to be safe.

The second one I would say yes as I listed them myself and clarified I have not spoke to them since college. Last 2 I wouldnt know.

I think I made the mistake of voluntairly listing foreign family back when I was 8 years old. I dont even speak my native language. I noted that I never continued contact. Emberassingly I dont recognize their names (had parents help me with it). Consequently this delayed my investigation for… almost 2 years for a secret.