Questions concerning foreign contacts

I am filling out my SF-86 now, and I am having some trouble figuring out who exactly I need to list as foreign contacts. I have been fortunate to travel quite a lot over the past few years (mostly to Europe, but once to southern Africa), and I am currently working for an international organization in Europe where I am one of the only Americans. Because of this, my list of foreign contacts is looking like it could be quite long.

I am aware that the form itself specifies “close and continuing contact over seven years” and also that the relationship must be “bound by affection, influence, common interests, and/or obligation.”

I was certainly planning on listing the 5 or 6 coworkers with whom I interact daily, but what about those others that I might chat with for about 15 minutes once or twice a week?

Also, about three years ago, I had a brief fling with a French woman that lasted about a week. We texted one another after I left for another week or two. Since then, I have had zero contact with this woman, and I doubt I would even recognize her if I passed her on the street. Seeing as how the relationship was “affectionate” but has since stopped, is this someone that I should list as well?

Lastly, I have had friends that have already gone through this process suggest that I go through my social media and delete foreign friends with whom I don’t really communicate as a means of speeding up the process. Is this something that any of you would advice? I don’t want to make it look like I am trying to “hide” anything or something along those lines.

Thank you all so much in advance for your help!

Scroll down to other topics about this. This has been addressed very recently and repeatedly.

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I have read many many posts on this subject before feeling the need to post my own questions, and I still feel confused on the matter.

At the very least, I would like to have the second question about the French woman I was briefly involved with answered. I don’t believe I have seen anything about that asked/answered on any previous posts. Could I then just post that question?

Thank you for your help.

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I am feeling you. When I posted my question about it I was told also to read other threads but still very confusing to me. My situation similar to yours and I am filling SF-86 currently. Here is my plan, I am planning to list my foreign contacts that I see on a regular basis(having coffee, going on together etc). In the explanation box I am planning to mention that I also know some other foreign contacts that NOT close or continuing contacts or Not bound by affection etc and willing to provide information about them as well if requested.

Still I am not sure if it’s a good strategy though

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It’s really up to you to define the fling. You certainly had close AND continuing contact within the seven year scope. (You quoted part of the question incorrectly; keep in mind it’s close AND/OR continuing contact… it’s an important distinction. The question is implying and exploring a certain significance).
She was a non-U.S. citizen.


So whether or not you feel you were BOUND by affection, influence, common interests, or obligation during that period of time… I think you’re the only person qualified to answer that.

That’s a viable choice. It truly is up to you to define the relationships within reason. If you really need reassurance consult with an attorney, but I think 9 out of 10 times you can figure it out on your own.

You will need to list the other foreign associations if you list that you had other foreign contacts in the comments section. Listing information like that in the comments section is a red flag and will require additional information.

The comments sections should only be used to clarify information about that specific entry (in this case - that specific foreign association) on the EQIP.

The question in Foreign contact portion is very confusing I honestly believe. Today I spent literally 3-4 hours thinking what was that question mean. For example, I answer yes to first part of the question that starts with “Have you ever met someone …” then second portion of the question “that you bond by affection. influence, common interest, or obligation” is No for me. At the end I am just confused is it yes or no? Yes I have met someone in the past but no affection, no influence etc. Should I put them down, is it over reporting, what if they will bring it up later and think that I was hiding something. I am being paranoid here :pensive:

All three elements need to be met for someone to be reportable.

I would like to think that way, but Question says “and/or”

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When in doubt, put it down and let the investigator and/or adjudicator decide.

And/or is applicable to certain aspects of the question in its entirety, but all three “tests” need to have positive responses for someone to be considered reportable, with the third (bonds of affection, etc.) having the most influence

You ought to tell that to all the clearance attorneys who break down the question in the same manner then. Guess they’re all giving bad advice to their clients.

After my SF-86, I started a job with a consulting company, based in the US, whose ownership was in India. The staff on my contract was about 90% Indian, many on H1B Visas (I know . . . I needed the money . . . ). When I had my BI interview, the investigator asked why I didn’t list any foreign contacts. I explained that, first, I wasn’t working yet there when I did my SF-86 but also that I didn’t socialize with anyone, didn’t eat lunch, didn’t run out for drinks after work and that for most of the contacts, I had no idea who was a citizen and who was not. She asked a few questions about what I DID do with my coworker and moved on.

The whole thing was documented in her report but was never mentioned by the adjudicators.