Sf86 foreign contacts question

Hello, I have a question regarding the foreign contacts section on the SF-86. In about 6 months I plan on starting the process to get cleared for a TS clearance. My question is about whether or not I have to disclose my girlfriends parents/grandparents, I do not know the status of her mom or grandfather, I don’t even know any of their names. However I do know that they are legal at the minimum. I know that her grandmother and father are legal, her father is here on a work visa. I have never spoken or even met any of them because my girlfriend and I are in a long distance relationship ( we have been close friends for several years and just recently started dating). If I do list them, what kind of background check do they perform on the people mentioned on the list? They are not the type of family who discusses much of anything with eachother, they are of Chinese and Vietnamese origin. Thanks in advance!

P.S. They live on the west coast and I am on the east coast and my job will be in the east coast region.

The question is “close or continuing contact”, the way it was explained to me was it has to be like seeing each other every Christmas or talking somehow every couple of months (once yearly or more).

When in doubt, I was told (and found on here) to list the info you know and if you dont know, you dont know. I had to list several people who I dont even know thier address, as they are partner’s family who we almost never see (except every Christmas they come into town). They may not even talk to them if the contact isnt that continuous or close.

Thank you for the reply. I honestly am unsure of all of their statuses, they could be citizens without me even knowing. I’m still not sure of what I should do.

Thatoneguy, it’s good that you are being thorough in the process of completing your questionnaire.

I was instructed not to make any additional (or out of the ordinary) contact to get any info. If you dont know, dont list it. I listed the names and area I knew but didnt know anything else.

You mentioned that you never spoke to them or met them. If that is the case, the answer would be no, you do not have any close and continuing with foreign nationals. If your girlfriend is not a US citizen, that needs to be disclosed. If contact develops in the future(after obtaining clearance), you would probably need to report that to your security manager.