Questions while submitting the SF86

I am currently working on submitting SF86 for SCI , Here are the questions.

  1. I worked with 5 different employers in last 10 years . My past supervisors don’t work for the same employer and I don’t have their addresses . Can I provide HR contact number and HR address in the supervisors details ?.

  2. I have the supervisor address and phone and Is that enough for investigator to check?

  3. Does investigator verify the past employment with both HR and past Supervisor ?

  4. Does investigator sends to letters to the address provided in the SF86 ? or call the number provided in the SF86 ? . I checked with the HR of past employers and most of them use worknumber . HR told me to call the worknumber to verify the employment.

Thanks you in advance and much appreciated for you answers.

It is your job to try to get as much info as possible. If you’re missing a supervisor’s phone number but you have their email address, email them and ask for their number. If you don’t know their address but you’re friends on Facebook, send them a message and ask for it. HR is contacted. Supervisors are contacted. It’s not your job to worry about how.

I have always listed contact info as they were when I left the company. I do not recall an investigator ever contacting me for additional info. I should add that I’ve mostly worked for cleared defense contractors and the security and HR folks know how to help fill in the gaps.

Thank you for your answers .