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Some of my jobs were under three months. What is the mechanism to uncover unmentioned jobs? I’ve had several friends not have short-term jobs uncovered with the form.

Additionally, some work places refer all inquires (at least in the private sector) to HR–and I have heard the form in question (INV-41?) is often returned from there. Is this not the case of federal investigators SP85? I’ve had some HR women say they will only answer the form with directory information as a form of policy.

How many terminations for performance are acceptable for someone with 4 years in the field before suitability is determined not available? In regards to the sp85, it asks for 7 years of employment, but only asks the question of termination for the last 5. How do the two years beyond the 5 years factor into suitability, and does the hiring manager see the results of the investigation? Thanks

Way too many questions here.

Simply fill out the form and provide the information as requested in the questionnaire.


Anyone able to answer? It’s a scary prospect to go through. Would definitely appreciate insight.

@HARPOON did answer. Fill out the form and provide the requested information. Intentional omissions will not be viewed favorably and call into question your trustworthiness.

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Does anyone with insight or utility have an answer?

Based on your questions and refusal to accept the answers above a job requiring a security clearance might not be a good career path for you. JMO.

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I can’t tell if he’s a troll or if he’s for real :laughing:
Asking the same questions in 6 or 7 different threads.
It’s not rocket science, read the questions, answer the questions.


Men can also work in HR bud

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No one is going to explain internal investigative procedures. Unmentioned residences, education, employment, and issues are uncovered during the investigative process all the time. When your lie is discovered (to include lie by omission) you can be fired, debarred from any future government employment -ever, jailed, and fined. Lying on the SF85/86 forms, any other investigation-related forms, and or during the interview and investigation is a Federal offense and a stupid decision.