Self report

I’m active duty and in an effort to help out someone, I sent them over 140 pages of resumes of candidates that had recently applied for a contract position that my department was hiring for. this includes names, addresses, email, phone numbers, pay grades and salary amounts along with employment and previous employment information. Should I self report this and how will it effect my top clearance?

Consider the recent news about OPM’s breach of PII and what would happen to you if you did not report it and it got out, which is a good possibility. Most certainly your clearance would be revoked for disclosing the PII, trying to circumvent the federal hiring process, and then not reporting the information that could potentially affect all of the candidates whose information you released. You are in a pickle, just a matter how long it takes you to go forward to determine how much of a pickle.

Thanks for the reply but not sure if it’s worth that right now to close to retirement and besides only sent them to one person and I’m pretty sure they will keep a lid on it. I was not trying to circumvent the hiring process just sent them as a guide to help that person write their resume , they were not applying for the position that I was hiring for.

You are wrong Myday; I can not counsel if you did something right or wrong (or stupid) but I think you know for yourself. I understand sharing example resumes but what you did??? Come on, for serious? Self report is on you…however those resumes will make it’s way to others, one way or another, and it will come bcd to you…

While I do appreciate your concern and yes it may have been a stupid decision on my part to do that, I’m still not certain on the self report. I have a couple of years before retiring and would very much like to keep my clearance in order to find a decent job upon retiring . I’m sure I’m not the only one that has done something of this nature and certain I will not be the last. Besides they have been deleted. It was only 32 give or take compared to what happen with OPM that’s nothing and at least I know they are not in the wrong hands and information was not shared