Recently Discharged

Ok so this may come off a bit confusing. Hopefully I explain the situation well.

I was recently discharged from a contractor for failure to self report situations that affect eligibility for security clearance.

I did an SF-86 in approximately 2005 while in the Marine Corps and held a secret clearance until October 2009 when I completed my contract.

In February of 2011 I was hired at the company in question. At no time over the last 8 and a half years have I done an SF-85/86, nor has anyone notified me that my previous secret was used/downgraded to a POT.

My first question, is this legal? Shouldn’t I have been required to fill out some paperwork along the way? How can I be required to self report in a situation in which I never knew about? I reported all of my legal matters to the company and it was never once suggested that I speak to the security officer. I feel like I was caught up in a fairly serious security violation on the company’s part.

Also, if my level of trust was revoked would I receive some sort of communication from the government agency? Something to notify me of the revocation of my eligibility and information for an appeal? All of this seems so fishy to me and I was just hoping to get some opinions before speaking with a lawyer.

Thanks in advance for any input.

What is a POT? Were you in a position that required a clearance when the event happened? Do you know your clearance eligibility?

From the context in the rest of the post, I was assuming that POT is “Position of Trust” . . . But, I don’t see how that could be done as a “downgrade”.

I think this speaks to the general assumption and misunderstanding of people holding a clearance, vice clearance eligibility. When you left the Corp you had eligibility but the clearance itself did not follow you. Your position at company X has a seat either requiring no access to classified, access to classified, or access to sensitive information. Your company should have informed you or it should have been readily apparent you were in a cleared position or a POT position. You should have covered training when onboarding concerning exactly what you are required to do and report when in a position of trust. Are you aware of company misdeeds? What exactly happened that you are aware of or partook in and did not report?

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