Job application and PSQ/sf86 and different answers

When I filled out the original job application for the contractor, I checked off that I haven’t used drugs in the past 7 years. Now that I am filling out the sf86, I’ve begun to remember the times 5-7 years ago that I did try pot with some of my old friends. I started realizing this when thinking about old friends to put down as knowing me well, but that I haven’t kept in touch with.

I just want to be honest. I wish I had thought it over more before filling out the original job application. Should I explain this to my recruiter? He already gave me an offer that I accepted. Now I’m setting here worried about filling out my sf86 and putting down old friends. FYI I can only have the job if my interim security clearance goes through.

Not knowing what the specific question was on the jo0b application, or who would be reviewing your SF-86 before it is released to OPM to complete the investigation, I would go ahead and explain the situation to your recruiter, More than likely, if you only used a few times over 5 years ago then it should not be a concern, but if your use was more extensive and involved harder drugs then there may be an issue. Regardless, better to be up front now rather then have to try and explain it later or on a future investigation.

The specific question was worded “illegal drugs” and looked similar to the illegal drug question on the sf86. I’m unsure of the exact question since I did not copy the job application I filled out on paper. Thank for answering so quickly this has really been worrying me. I feel that the contractor will be upset with me and rescind the offer. I realize that there is no way to tell how the contractor will react when I explain this situation to him. Do you think he will be reasonable?