Wacky SF-86 Question (Secret clearance drug use)

Hey all,

First and foremost, thanks for taking the time to read my question and hopefully shine some light on my current situation.

I am a current federal employee with a DOD agency that required a NACI.

I have recently applied for a position that requires me to fill out an SF-86, which I will have to report incidents that involved drug use as young Marine.

My question is, if I fill out an SF-86 for this new agency (Listing drug use occurred while having a clearance), will that affect my current employment? I.E. walked out?

The incidents occurred 10 years ago, since then I have:

-Earned my associate and bachelor’s degree.

-No longer associate with any person involved

-Multiple awards with current organization and partnering county

-Excellent performance appraisals since beginning federal employment (and private sector)

A couple of points come to mind:

  • Did you report the drug use when you were in the Marines?
  • Did you have any security clearance at the time? Wait it sounds like you did
  • Have you filled out any previous SF-86s where you did not disclose the drug use?

The passage of time and good behavior since then goes a long way to mitigating concerns. But it may be a bumpy road