SF 85 marijuana

Allegedly, a friend smoked marijuana 1 month ago and is now filling out an SF85 as a contractor for a low risk position.

Should he include the mj use or no? Will the mj use prevent him from working at HHS, the VA, or the treasury?

The question on the SF-85 clearly asks if you used any illegal drugs within the past year, so the answer should be yes. Some agencies will let it go if it was a one time deal or depending on the circumstances, but it may also be viewed as too recent since THC can stay in your system for up to 45 days.

Thank you for the quick response!
If he marks “no,” and in 2 years is going for S or TS with a different agency, will his answers on this sf 85 be available for investigators to see?

Copies of previous investigations are included with the new report of investigation when a different agency initiates a new request, so yes, his answers for the SF-85 will also be reviewed.

THank you so much for your help marko.

Hate to harp on this but this is kind of a career make or break decision:

Putting “yes” could conceivably protect his honor, but get him kicked off his client and potentially fired from a major government contractor. Is that realistic?

Putting “no” could save his ass now, but basically preclude him from ever having S or TS, correct?

The client is the VA.

For background, it was his first time using MJ since 2012, when he was in college.

Everyone has their own decision to make regarding being completely honest and accountable for their actions. The trouble with not telling the truth is we can’t remember the different versions that were previously told and it ends up getting us in trouble.

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