Question about future MJ use

I am trying to obtain a SF-85P. I referenced my only THC use and no other drugs I have consumed. However, in the future use question, I said, “I would intend to use if it was legalized in my state and if my employer did not prohibit it. Otherwise, I would not use if my employer prohibited it and/or I am holding a clearance. I deeply care about my career and the progression I’ve made in the few years.”

Was that stupid to say? I am being honest because I do no see an issue with it. Now although I said I’d use it again, I said I would not, of course, due to my clearance and/or job.

I am freaking out because this would jump start my career and I hope my honesty doesn’t kill me in the end.

Yeah that’s a denial waiting to happen.

You are aware it’s illegal under federal law? This looks like a Public Trust, not a clearance. Did you just submit it (like a day or 2 ago)? Maybe it’s soon enough you can try to withdraw it and start over?

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I apologize, yes for a Public Trust. That is another thing, I can’t revise it only of it is rejected for information they need to be updated/revised. I did end up having to revise a few things but I felt that if I delete it, then they can see I deleted it? I have no idea. But if they can, then that would look like I am going back on what I said and would not look good on my part, if that makes sense. I am aware it is federally illegal. They said to be honest so I was. I said would intend to use (even though yes I know it is federally illegal) but I stated very clearly I would not solely based on my approval and my career. I meant in the future, could be 20 years from now, who knows. But I would not use, of course, with the role I applied for or any other job that prohibits it whether legal or illegal.

This is not normally an instant disqualifer. Your statement is more common that you realize, even on the SF86.

You will probably talk to an investigator where you can clarify that you currently have no intent to use but being honest, don’t know about the future if marijuana is federally legalized.


I really appreciate it. I have a super clean record. Only thing is a few years of infrequent cannabis use. I last smoked in 2020. Subjectively speaking, (maybe I’ll clarify when they interview), if it is treated like alcohol consumption then I would have no issue with it. Otherwise I have no use for it. I just am really nervous and people are telling me I should’ve said differently but I’m an honest person. I care about where I am headed and if I get denied it would really set me back on a good trajectory I have been on.

if it is treated like alcohol consumption then I would have no issue with it. Otherwise I have no use for it.

Or… how about you decide once and for all what your top priority is? If it’s your career, then forget about all the ifs and buts and just decide you will be squeaky clean. If you are sincere and really intend to be, then, hopefully, the investigator will see that. Best of luck.

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You’re right. Thank you guys for the advice. I hope things turn out positively. I will update this thread on the outcome.

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So it does not matter what the investigator thinks, it is not our job to translate what a Subject says or decide what it means or how risky they are… we literally just write up the Subject’s answers to the required questions (we don’t write the questions either.)