Dismissed MJ possession charge while having “inactive” clearance

Just accepted a job that will require a security clearance again. I thought I wouldn’t after my last job in Summer ‘21 so a few months after leaving that job I purchased Marijuana 4 separate times over the course of 6 months and then one more time in September ‘22. I had never done drugs or had bad conduct before my first security clearance.
I then made the dumb decision of traveling across state borders with some of my legally purchased items and was charged with possession and a summons in court that was eventually dismissed in May ‘22. I haven’t purchased or smoked since September of ‘22.
Ive since held a job that required a drug test. I will or course be completely honest about this. Is there any other information I should provide or things I should do (drug tests, reference letters etc.) How likely would I be to get a secret clearance for the DoD.

What is your age? Most agencies are okay with 12 month’s no use by those under 20. If you are 25? Might want 2 years. 30? Might want 36 months. Fed law prohibits use and possession ans many border states to legal ones issue citations on the regular. If your friend group uses? New friends. Hang out with like minded people.

gotcha, yeah im 23 years old

All is not lost. If you get asked to meet with an adjudicator? That is a positive. You go over MJ rules, acknowledge past use, s8gn letter daying they are well within rights to terminate clearance if future use occurs. In short you will not get benefit of doubt in future. After clearing always bring up to polygrapher prior to start. Get in open and leave it on table

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Don’t forget to keep in mind for the future that marijuana purchase/use is still illegal federally, so it wouldn’t matter if you purchased it a legal state. I know you weren’t working in a Federal capacity at the time, but just for the future.