Marijuana use within the past 6 months

I’m graduating from college in a few months and I recently got an offer for a job that requires a secret level security clearance. I have another job offer but I prefer this one. However, I’m now worried that I may not be able to get a clearance because I used marijuana on four occasions in the last two years (none before that), with the last time being over two months ago. I don’t think I would have other issues besides having good amount of student debt.

Would I be taking a significant risk if I choose the job that requires a clearance?

This is all changing so much. Five years ago I would have said two years of non-use as an absolute minimum. A couple years ago it seemed like that was down to one year.

If you really only used four times in the past two years, then maybe you’ve got a shot, especially if everything else is clean. And needless to say, you dont use drugs anymore.

I read this not too long ago on this blog. It may give you some insight.