Existing Federal Employee with Rare Marijuana Use

Hello all,

My spouse is up for a promotion (existing employee employee) at a non-defense/security agency. The position was not listed as public trust but is a GS-15. She has to fill out an SF-85.

She used marijuana very occasionally though winter 2017 and stopped in 2018. There were a lot of family issues and she began therapy as a better mechanism to deal with her depression. She’s been a high performing federal employee since 2010 and had never used marijuana prior.

She is filling out the SF-85 honestly. Is she likely to loose the promotion offer, and if so is she likely to loose her current position?

The SF-85 (low risk positions) only asks about illegal drug use in the last year. If it is as you say, a singularity not to be repeated again, then there should be no issue.

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Thank you! The last use was within the past year, but in February. She’s explaining the situation and that’s she’s in regular therapy since that time and has remained drug free and intends to do so. Is there anything else to add to bolster?

Nope, that is all that is needed.

Thanks a ton. Any likelihood that in a worst case scenario her current job could be terminated since she was an employee at the time of use?