Question Regarding Public Trust / Secret Clearance

Alright so long long story short.

I was discharged from the military because I got an Article 15 due Misconduct Serious Offense (I was accused of Sexual Assault) in 2017. I was given a discharge Under Honorable Conditions (General) after basically being bullied into signing the Article 15. I went overseas to contract and no one ever mentioned a concern about it. So I have worked for two different contracting companies overseas using my secret clearance for the past 3 years and nothing ever was brought up. I recently applied for a Public Trust MBI and filled out a eQip SF-85P and here is where my question starts-

Will this affect my Secret clearance if my discharge causes my Public Trust to be denied? (Will I lose my Secret Clearance?) I tried to look this information up but all I can seem to find is if I went Secret to Top Secret and get denied I would lose my Secret. I never had to report it because I was technically discharged from the military. And my overseas jobs when they hired me never asked or had me fill out anything that would require me to comment about the incident.

Any information would be greatly appreciated.

This was been a problem with the military for a while now where security officers weren’t reporting in JPAS when military members are discharged for misconduct. Then the former service member turns around and gets a contractor job because no incident report or clearance revocation action was filed. A fix to this was implemented last year in new reporting requirements for the military. If you were up front on the SF-85P and disclosed all required information then that is a plus for you. If not then you are probably dead in the water. The incident that resulted in your discharge will be reviewed but in and of itself will not disqualify you. Only the adjudicator who has ALL information from all sources can make the call.

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See and nobody mentioned this at all so here I sit. So what does that mean for my Secret? Will the denial of a Public Trust cause me to lose the Secret?