Public Trust With a Revoked Secret

After many years as a Defense Contractor with an active Secret clearance, I got a job as a GS with a DON entity. I had to redo my SF-86, since my Security Manager said that my clearance adjudication was not through the proper channels for Federal employment. The adjudication took over two years and came back denied. I submitted a response to the SOR, which also came back with an unfavorable ruling. I am currently on Admin Leave from my government job and working as a contractor. In the interim, I found ANOTHER government job with the Coast Guard that only requires a Public Trust. My question is this: can I be granted a Public Trust with a revoked Secret Clearance and if so, can it be granted while this other issue is still going through due process?

It will likely depend on why your secret was revoked . . . Would the entries on your SOR prevent you from obtaining a public trust?

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It’s doubtful that Coast Guard will find you suitable because you were denied clearance with the Navy. In wartime, cost guard reports to the Navy. So, I’m pretty sure they follow whatever Navy says in peacetime.

If you try other civilian agency or non-Navy affiliation, you could try. In meanwhile, it doesn’t hurt you as much to go through the process with Coast Guard, which I suggest you to do so.

He’s moving down from a Secret to a Public Trust . . . The standards are not the same . . .

That is true; however, most agencies make their suitability determinations similar to how they would grant a clearance except that they have even more wide latitude since there’s no or minimal due process. Point being, recent security clearance denied will certainly factor in a federal agency suitability determination even if the position doesn’t require security clearance.

Nonetheless, I encourage the poster to go through the process anyway and hope for the best.

This is a speculation on my part as we still have not been told what caused the security clearance denial.

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The Coast Guard is part of the Department of Homeland Security, the Navy is Department of Defense. The USCG does not report to the Navy and the Navy exerts no autonomy over the USCG in any form. I’m currently a contractor with the Department of Commerce and should be good here for the immediate future. I guess I’m in a “wait and see” with the Coast Guard.

I am a DoD contractor and going through the same situation. I have received a tentative job offer from an agency within DoD with requirement of Public Trust Non-Sensitive Clearance. My interim TS and Full Secret has been temporarily rescinded by DSS in March 2018. DSS does not provide any reason for this rescission yet. For this new position I had to fill SF-86C, OF-306 and other general information. This current tentative job offer is pending on;
1 Suitability review and adjudication
2 Eligibility for a Secret Security Clearance (you must maintain
eligibility for that clearance).
I want to know how the Suitability review and adjudication process for public trust is similar/different than the Secret clearance? How long it takes? Any estimates?
What factors are considered in checking the eligibility for a Secret Security Clearance?
How the rescission of my Secret and TS would impact my ability to obtain Public Trust for this position?

Coast Guard is unique as it is one of armed forces and it does report to the Navy if the President or Congress wishes so. Nonetheless, let us know how it goes. Good luck.

Since DSS was behind the suspension, I would think that they would have to be the entity to rule in your favor regarding the lifting of it. The important thing is that it IS a suspension and not a full blown revocation. You’ll get a Statement of Reasons if it goes in that direction. The uncertainty of the whole situation is what is the most frustrating because, like you said, you’re hardly ever given a reason. Keeping my fingers crossed for you.