Can I still apply for Public Trust while appealing?

My clearance was revoked and a SOR letter was sent earlier this year. I have since hired an attorney and submitted a response. During that time I got laid off. Would it still be possible for me to apply for a position that requires public trust or will I have to wait a full year before I can apply?

You can apply for a public trust position.

Keep in mind you could get denied based on the previously revoked clearance.

Based on my SOR, I was revoked for getting into an altercation and hitting someone after that person damaged my property and hit my wife. I have submitted an appeal pending. How much would that affect a public trust application?

It is very possible that the fact that the previous issue is still open (under appeal) could derail any decision on any other matter regarding suitability or public trust. Have the criminal charges (if there were any) been resolved? That could impact any further decisions as well.

There were no criminal charges. It was something I admitted to during the fsp.

According to google public trust is not a security clearance. How will that affect my ability to apply? Also the faa is not a national security agency…

The FAA cannot accept reciprocity for the investigation completed for the security clearance since it was not favorably adjudicated. They would have to either request a copy of it and review it for their own suitability determination or initiate a new investigation. Depends on the type of position and how they view the altercation regarding suitability. It can go either way and no one will be able to give you an answer since each case is adjudicated based on its own merits.

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