Can I get a public trust again

Will I be able to get a public trust if in april I did not receive my secret clearance I had a public trust in 2017

It depends on what factors caused you to not get a security clearance. Public trust positions are adjudicated under suitability criteria while clearances fall under the 13 guidelines. There is some overlap between these two systems.

My secret clearance denial was through department of state my public trust was through doe from 2014 to 2015 I am returning this year to doe but my secret clearance denial was in 2018 from department of state. Should I still pursue this position they have offered me the job but I’m afraid if I will be granted the public trust. Please advise

I cannot give a definite response because that is something only the adjudicator (i.e. decision maker) at your agency can tell you. Again, it depends on the reason you did not get a clearance. For example, if you were denied a secret clearance based on financial issues, then you can also be denied for a PT because finances are a DQ for both clearance (13 adjudicative guidelines) and PT (suitability). If you were denied a clearance because of foreign influence, you may still get a PT because foreign influence is not disqualifying per suitability criteria.

Thank you for your response and it was based on things on my credit report which are all now satisfied and or paid in full. I no longer have any outstanding debt and all my accounts are in good standing.

You have mitigated the issues and will get your clearance, it may take longer for it to process however.