If you failed Secret Clearance, can you still able to pass Public Trust Clearance

I’m wonder if you failed Secret Clearance, will you able to pass Public Trust Clearance ?

Please help!

Depends on the issue(s) and your prospective agency… more info is needed to give you more quality advice. But, yes, generally speaking, there are people who have failed to obtain a cleared position and later obtained a public trust position

Issues are mitigated the same way for both processes, but under public trust certain criteria are nor consideref, e.g., foreign influence, preference. As stared already, you can be eligible for PT just depends on the issues.

What is a public trust clearance versus a security clearance?

Hi Marko, I don’t think that is correct regarding foreign influence and preference and public trust adjudication. I linked to a case below where the DoD rejected someone for public trust eligibility based on both foreign preference and influence.

[ogc.osd.mil/doha/industrial/2017/15-03382.h1.pdf (http://ogc.osd.mil/doha/industrial/2017/15-03382.h1.pdf)

Foreign influence is much less frequent than financial for PT’s but they do happen. It may be that DoD adjudicates differently to other agencies, I do not know. Aside from DoD and Energy I don’t think any other department posts case results. If any posters have any thoughts, all comments are welcome.

You are partially correct, the DoD uniquely applies national security guidelines to public trust positions when the position is designated as an IT position with access to sensitive information that is not classified. The majority of public trust positions do not fall into this category.

Very interesting, do you know if other departments (e.g. Transportation, Agriculture, Treasury) apply foreign influence to public trust positions? Can an agency apply suitability or national security criteria on a case by case basis to public trust positions? I thought public trust could have a national security adjudication because the SF-85p asks for countries visited, citizenship status, and spouse citizenship. Any info is greatly appreciated.

Most agencies apply OPM’s suitability guidelines for public trust positions.