If Secret is denied can you attempt NACI/LR PT?

Hey all,

Recently I have accepted two TO’s for DOD (Army). One position requires a Secret (Pos A) and the other a NACI or Low Risk Public Trust (Pos B).

Currently Pos A is moving along much faster than Pos B which got me wondering. If i am DENIED a Secret Clearance from Pos A will I still be able to move forward with Pos B’s NACI or Low Risk Public Trust?

If I am unable to move forward with Pos B’s NACI or Low Risk Public Trust due to a the denial of a Secret Clearance at Pos A is there anyway I could halt my current Secret Clearance process?

*Updated to better clarify

Different criteria apply to national security vs. suitability for federal employment, The short answer is: it depends! Perhaps you should elaborate as to what possible reasons you would be denied a clearance and then the folks on here could advise if it would affect suitability for federal employment.

To be quite frank, drug use while holding a clearance as well as visiting a soapy shop in Thailand as a young Marine. I reported it during my e-QIP and was 100% honest with my investigator during the whole process.

All incidents happened around 6 years ago and have not had had any involvement since.

Half of me is considering just denying the Secret position due to the fact I’m pretty positive I would get denied.

I would much rather just complete the SF85 for the NACI as I would have nothing to report due to the time period. However:

  1. Are the requirements the same for the SF85 and SF86 for suitability? I would imagine no since they are vastly different?

  2. If I deny the Secret position will they just use that investigation that was completed for the Secret for the SF85?

  3. I imagine they will reference the SF86 at some point if I just go the NACI SF85 route, can they and would they deny employment due to factors outside of the timeframe?

I understand I put myself in this situation and was honest and forthcoming through out the process. At this point I just want to get my foot in the door with the federal government and want to pick the route that will give me the best chance at obtaining a position.