Secret clearance affect job offer?

Before I spend x amount of dollars to move across country I am looking for some guidance.

I recently applied for 3 positions all with the DOD (Army Installation Command). I have accepted all 3 TO’s, 2 requiring Secret clearance and 1 requiring NACI.

For the two that require a Secret clearance; filled out SF86 and had my interview with the BI. Now I do have some skeletons in my closet but was 100% honest and forthcoming about all the issues.

The position that requires NACI recently sent me my final offer stating:

You have met all pre-employment requirements:

  • Favorable background clearance

  • Pre-employment physical

  • Pre-employment drug screening

After receiving my offer I withdrew from the process with the 2 Secret clearance positions but according to the FOIA line my Secret process is still pending. If I go and report for duty for the position offered can the position be taken away (walked out) hypothetically if the Secret clearance process continues and I am deemed unsuitable (for clearance/and or suitability)?

Both Secret and the first position require National Agency checks. I can only assume based on limited info, the first doesn’t involve access to classified material, the other two would. So in theory the same agency checks will be completed for all three. When you move up to the TS world you get a complete background investigation. Some agencies do report back to all clearance holders if bad conduct results in a denial. Others…simply don’t. All things considered, if you have a 650 minimum credit score, are in a payment plan for debts that went bad, had no recreational drug use for 12 months (older than 24, at times they want 2 to 3 years no use), and no arrests, you will be okay. That the system still shows you pending, could be the Security department has not yet sent the form to cancel the process. You MAY have some risk in that sending in a cancellation form is a low priority for a busy security department. So if it continues and a few bones fall out of the closet, yes it can impact your accepted job if something was not reported. If you reported all the bones, and it is documented, I would not fear it. Can you be a tad more specific about the nature of these random bones?

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