Tentative Job offer had withdrawn

I’m very frustrating now. On April 2015, I accepted a tentative job offer for a permanent position from the US Army in Arizona

On August 2016, the investigation was completed and waiting for the adjudication, and on April 2018, the US Army withdrew the job offer, and said that I had an inability to obtain the security clearance.

And I told them to explain in details why I was not able to obtain the security clearance, not action took. On june 2018, I contacted the DOD CAF office, and I was told that there was nothing like I was unable to obtain the security clearance.

I requested the Statement or results of the investigation, and I was told to inform the US Army Security personnel office to contact them to get every details and information about my security clearance. I contacted the US Army Security personnel office, no action took.

Later I contacted an attorney, and I told to contact Congress members in my city, that they might help resolve my security clearance and job issues with the US Army. However I believe that thehe US Army shouldn’t have withdrawn my job offer and gave it to another candidate because of my security clearance is taking so long to obtain.

I have been patient with the US Army waiting for the security clearance adjudication, but the US Army failed to work or cooperate with DOD CAF on my behalf. I don’t want to miss my employment opportunity with the US Army.

Please what do I need to do ?

The contracting company or as you say US Army has every right to pull a job offer. I’m going to bet somewhere in your pre-employment paperwork is the wonderful “job is pending upon being granted a security clearance” or something to that effect. There is a couple of people on here that had the same thing happen to them. Basically, you are not employed until that clearance is granted unless the company has a position available that do not require a position and put you into them while you wait. There are a number of articles out there that cover the issue of losing quality personal due to the security clearance backlog. I would do a congressional to help you find out why details of your clearance, The freedom of information act allows you access to see your investigation and if no SOR was done that explains the denial then a congressional might be able to find more info for you. Now the request for your investigation report is a small process, you have to fill out the FOIA form and provide some information but it is your right to obtain that info. Sorry to hear what is going on with you its a fear allot of us have as we wait…to be dropped from the contract because the company is tired of waiting but the contracting companies are obligated by law to fill the positions.

That would be a good step. Help needed.

Even yesterday I contacted one DOD CAF office in DC , I was told that nothing is wrong with my security clearance process, and if that is true, I think I have every right to inform army to reassign me to a new similar job position. I may contact a lawyer.

Ok, here is what happened: Your case was taking too long to adjudicate, so they pulled the job offer because they didn’t want to wait for you anymore. That’s basically it. It’s not your fault, some people get stuck in adjudication for a long long time. Most jobs have a condition that says you need to get the clearance within a reasonable amount of time.

But withdrawing the job offer should not be a surprise. Army didn’t inform me any deadline to produce my security clearance. I think I would be entitled for notifications ahead of time before the Army should withdrew their job offer.

So this was for a direct-hire civil service position with Department of the Army?

There are often terms in the conditional job offer that you have to be cleared within a certain amount of time, but given all the delays in processing security clearances, I did not think these were being enforced.

Much more common for contractors to pull the plug if someone doesn’t get cleared quickly or even if they don’t get an interim.

A tentative offer is what it is. In a tentative offer letter, it usually contains a language that says something to the effect of …“a final offer is contingent upon budgetary approval, authorized positions, and successful completion of a background investigation. You should not notify your employer or make any changes in anticipation of a final offer of an employment.”

I don’t think there is much that you can do at this point unless the offer was pulled due to one or more of those prohibited personnel practices.

If you believe so, I suggest you to research Title 5 or Title 10 of the Code of Federal Regulations (depending on the position you were tentatively offered) to see if you were entitled to such a notification. Personally, I don’t think you are nor do I think the Agency is obligated to do so in advance.

My advance… check and see if your clearance application process hasn’t been terminated/halted and start looking for another jobs. Sorry this happened to you.

I was not a contractor or at-will, my position was a direct hire which was a permanent position, but I was directed like a contractor. I think I have every right to appeal to the US Army for re-instatement if my security clearance is granted. I’m really frustrated. That’s sad

And they have every right to drop you from the hiring process. It’s unfair but that’s how things are in this world. Until you’re given an EOD you shouldn’t ever assume you’re “in.”

It was a direct hire with the FEDS? So you were a civil servant in a federal position? You say you were directed as a contractor, were you a GS? It makes a huge difference. If your a contractor or a Federal Civil servant. Are you in FERS?