Public trust(sf85p) clearance


Somebody can guide me.

Got my public trust back in 2014
Worked on the 2014 public trust clearance(SF85P)
Got Felony on 2015
Applied again public trust(SF85P) few days before.

Any suggestion… to contact security clearance lawer or any action I need to take…

Apprecite you answers ASAP

I do not know the rules regarding public trust, but if you had a security clearance and you were in an “active” status (that is, employed somewhere that you had access to classified material) you would need to report the felony to your security manager.

Are you currently employed in a position requiring public trust? Has the public trust been revoked?

I got my public trust on 2014 and worked for a year then no more working since then till now in Public trust. I’m not sure whether it is active or need to apply new. I gave just one page form to my hiring Mgr to apply. Any idea, in Felony case they will reject or approve and how long it will take overall process.

I cant really say but all you can do is be up front about it and provide all the details. Hopefully somebody else with more experience with public trust will jump in and comment.

If I understand your situation correctly, you underwent a public trust background investigation in 2014 and worked in the position, then left and were arrested and/or convicted of a felony offense in 2015, and have now applied for a new public trust position.

More likely then not, you would have to undergo a new background investigation if it has been two years since you left the last position. Even if it is within two years, you would have to undergo a fingerprint check which would disclose the felony, which would have to be reviewed and a course of action be determined.

Thanks for replying n understand my case Marko. It is exactly u interpreted.

Now my question, what’s the percentage of chances of getting SF85P public trust ? DO I need to contact immigration security lawyer n get ready with some story letter to defend my case. How long it will take for approval process ?

The adjudication and appeal process for a denial of eligibility for a public trust position is not the same as a criminal case. You don’t have a right to a job, you have to meet eligibility criteria. Nothing really to do until you get notification that you were denied and the reason why. Then you can prepare your side of the story and attempt to mitigate the concerns.