OTH RE4 Discharge

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This is mainly for the investigator community or perhaps anyone with knowledge on the the following:

I have been offered a job with a company that has a government contract and will be required to fill out an SF85P. 17 years ago (2002) i had joined the Navy and was soon separated with an RE4 (other than honorable) discharge code within a couple months. I had not even left boot camp. It was characterized as erroneous entry and I was sent on my way. Needless to say, that bite of shame, being a dumb kid who had made dumb choices, follows me to this day but have since moved on with life. There are no credit or debt issues to speak of and have since settled down and started a family.

Will a secret security clearance be denied?

Your investigator and adjudicator are likely to want to know the specifics of what happened so you need to be completely prepared to discuss this issue but I expect that you should be able to clear after 17 years.

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Concur with Ed. What we did 17 years ago as teenagers isn’t necessarily relevant to who we are now. You will need capture that under the military service. I would not worry about that.

I am in a similar situation. How was the outcome? Did you get your clearance?

I have an RE4, but a General Discharge, and had no issue getting my clearance. Was just honest about everything.

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what type of clearance? was it a public trust