9 Years no trouble, BUT

I was processed out of the Navy with a RE-4 Discharge code for drug use. I was 24 years old at the time. I am 33 now. I have never been in any trouble since being kicked out of the Navy, but when I was active duty I held a Top Secret clearance. I am being vetted for a job now that is a Federal contract position. The position is a Public Trust Low Risk job. Am I going to be automatically denied? I have not been asked to fill our an SF85 yet, but I was asked to go and get fingerprinted today. Does my employer HAVE to do a SF85, and if they do will DSS (DCMD) automatically reject me for a Low Risk position? I was rejected for an interim Secret 5 years ago (which was 4 years after I got out of the service). I have had zero legal trouble since being kicked out of the service, and I was still awarded a General Under Honorable Conditions discharge for my service.

You are confusing the terms public trust and low risk. AN SF85 is used for low risk positions that do not require a clearance. A public trust investigation is done on an SF85P at the moderate or high risk level. Based on what you have described, there should be no reason that you would not pass a low risk background investigation.

I have not held a clearance in quite some time so I am actually quite confused. If a low risk position requires an SF85 I guess I was just more or less worried that because I had a Top Secret revoked almost a decade ago it would be a dis-qualifier for holding any federal employment job. Thanks for the clarification, your response, and alleviating a little bit of my sweating at night. I really want this job, and the last thing I need is to leave my current position and then end up having anything wrong happen with my background check for this new job.