Applying to a Public Trust Position had a TS/SCI Revoked 9 years ago

I currently have a low risk public trust job and was offered a tentative high risk position once a public trust SF-85P investigation is completed. I previously had a TS/SCI while in the military. It was revoked/suspended (dont know which) once I left due to not disclosing a DUI and for an alleged accusation that I was under investigation on a drug deal (don’t know much about it) I was never charged. This revocation/suspension occurred about 9-10 years ago. Since the DUI, I have been clean not even a driving citation. I was honorable discharged and obtained the low risk job right out of the military before the TS suspension/revocation (It was not required for my current job). Since the new job is requiring the SF85P and requires me to disclose my previous revocation/suspension will it be approved and if it does not will it affect my current job with the low risk public trust??

Time has mitigated most of this issue. You will need to report the DUI and the revocation on the SF 86. Don’t make the DUI mistake again and try to hide the past.

FWIW: Don’t lie about stuff we already know about. The alcohol/dishonesty issues should be mitigated by time. The suspension/revocation was based on the honesty (Personal Conduct) issue from what you have written.

Thank you for your response. What do you mean time has mitigated “most” of the issue and is an interview required for the SF85P? I rarely drink nowadays.

For a high risk public trust position, you will be filling out the 85P which does not ask about clearance suspensions or revocations. Additionally, it limits any arrests to the last seven years. A high risk public trust position does require a subject interview.

I believe High Risk Public Trust will require an interview with an investigator. This is routine. An SF85P does ask the question about clearance suspended, denied or revoked (Section 23). You will need to explain the details of the incident to the investigator unless you have disclosed these details in a prior investigation. The DUI is not required to be listed. It is not an “ever” question on the 85P. However, if you need to provide details of the revocation, you will probably be discussing the DUI. In my opinion(not an adjudicator), as it was mentioned before, time has mitigated this issue.

You are correct…thanks for catching my mistake.