Public Trust Moderate Risk and LOI - Multiple Issues

Wondering what you guys think about my odds of actually getting approved. I disclosed all issues on my sf85p and OF306, and as expected, had to provide explanations via a LOI which I submitted a week ago.


cocaine possession w/intent reduced to possession - felony charge but conditionally discharged (I’m not a felon)
Violation of probation (still on probation for cocaine charge while I got the DUI, did not lose the first offenders act)

These charges were outside of the 7 year window so although I didn’t disclose they were discovered after fingerprinting.

Fired from two jobs. One was for calling out, one was for my drawer coming up short multiple times. I didn’t take the money, over 7 other people had access to the drawer each shift. However, I have no way to prove that.

Bankruptcy, also over 7 years old.

So about a month after I started my eqip and submitted everything I received a LOI and addressed all these issues. Sent it back a week ago.

What do you guys think? Am I screwed?

All of these issues combined paint a picture of a lack of honesty, reliability, and trustworthiness. You didn’t indicate when you were fired, but that can also be a direct correlation to occupying a public trust position. Not to say the issues can’t be mitigated, but many factors are taken into consideration on only the adjudicator will have all the information needed to either mitigate the issues or make an unfavorable decision.

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Thanks for your response. The firings happened 7 and 4 years ago. I’ve been sober for 8.5 years and recently graduated summa cum laude as a non-traditional student. Dunno if that will be enough to mitigate all that.

You listed all of the negatives from your past here and have provided only a little bit about your current life/situation. Your second response provides more of that. The facts that you provide in your second post helps your case greatly.

Marko is right when he says that your past paints a negative picture. But, getting sober, not having job problems for the last four years and finishing school all work strongly in your favor.

Thanks for your response. I guess I didnt want to come off as minimizing/excusing my own behavior. I know I have to pay the price for the way I lived. I wrote very honestly in my LOI about my struggle with addiction and how I’ve changed, so hopefully that helps.

I was also worried that the arrest for possession w/intent would be an automatic disqualifier, regardless of how the case was pled down to a conditional discharge.

This discussion is interesting to me as someone who has never had to deal with “public trust.” I was surprised to see that when then went to tiered investigations, some public trust jobs required the same investigation as some security clearances. If this is “moderate risk” I guess it is not the same investigation requirement, but are the adjudicative factors the same?

I know one guy who got a job requiring public trust. He filled out some forms when he got the offer, reported to work, and then a few months later they asked him to fill out a new set of forms because the old ones had been lost. I guess that would be an example of “low risk” (I hope).