Public Trust with a suspended TS/SCI

I have a TS/SCI that was suspended due to a security incident and I was let go by my company because I could not do my job without the clearance. I have recently been offered a job as a contractor at FDA, which is contingent on a public trust investigation. Will the issues with my TS clearance cause trouble with a public trust? Do they go into your previous clearances and pick that apart to see if you are suitable for a public trust? The SF85p has a question for disclosing whether a clearance has been denied, revoked, or suspended. It also has a question if you were terminated from a position. I’m worried that they will see that my security clearance was suspended and not grant me a public trust.

They will look at your last investigation and if it is within 5 years then can use reciprocity to put you in the position. Every federal job requires you to fill out an OF-306 so you would have to disclose the termination, so depending on the agency and the position it is a toss up whether your security incident would be an issue.

Is less more when filling out this paperwork? Do I got into detail on the OF-306 about the reason I was terminated or do I say my clearances were suspended which caused me to be terminated?

You only have to provide what the question asks, however, that being said being totally forthright is always a plus in my experience.

I was in a similar position - I’ve an outstanding incident report in JPAS - my secret clearance has NOT been revoked. I recently got a job that requires public trust, it took about three days for my PT to come through - there was reciprocity between these two particular agencies - I’ve a new CAC and start work next week. From the start I have been communicative and forthcoming, detailing the events that lead to my incident report and termination. My advice - tell the whole truth, be forthcoming and mention mitigation and lessons learned on your behalf…Do not try to hide anything - because they’ll just find out anyways…good luck…

@djamesjr and @bosco - can you each provide an update as to how things ended up with your situation? (I HOPE FAVORABLY!) I am in a very similar situation and would like to hear you fared if you don’t mind sharing. Many thanks in advance to both of you.

Been a while - I was working with a Public Trust for about a year at the Department of Commerce - I then started working at a commercial company and out of the blue they wanted me to get my SECRET. I filled out my forms and had my interview. I was very forthcoming and honest about the circumstances around the termination of my termination and loss of clearance and literally was cleared Secret three weeks later - Bottom line - be forthcoming and demonstrate lessons learned -

Hi. I am curious to learn what happened to the unresolved incident report. I am in somewhat similar situation and I really want my unresolved incident report to be mitigated/closed.

I didn’t do much - when I had my interview I just told the dude what happened (it wasn’t anything serious, looking back now) - and he asked me if I was going to do it again - I said “of course not”! - and that was that … maybe enough time passed??? My big advice - be forthcoming - don’t deceive - they’ll just find out anyways, so there’s no point in trying to hide anything - got my SECRET back and I’m pretty sure I’d get my SCI back if I needed it…

Hey, thanks for replying… you are absolutely right about being forthcoming and honest…

quick question, how long did it take for them to adjudicate/close the unresolved incident report? I am curious about that… Thanks