Getting a Public Trust EOD with suspended TS

Hey everyone.

Back in October, I was terminated from my job due to a security incident that had taken place. On two occasions, a safe was left unlocked and open even though the two infractions were under different circumstances. Either by my own ignorance as to the procedure (lack of company communication), or not checking to make sure it was locked properly (negligence), or due to a malfunction (mentioned by my former FSO in a memo). I have taken steps in my career to be less reckless and to be more mindful of my actions. However, I was still terminated.

I recently accepted a job offer with a DHS contractor, which is contingent on a Public Trust. I submitted all of the forms. I have been forthcoming and honest about everything. Including my employment history, security incidents, and prior drug use (which has ceased). I know there are a lot of skeletons in my closet. I had to respond to 4 different LOIs. Event though I thought I had provided enough information.

Even though I’ve been honest about everything. I’ve provided explanations, and I’ve dug through my records to provide documentation to be as upfront as I can possibly be. I feel nervous that this job is just going to fall through.

I’ve been out of work for 6 months now, and if this falls through, I dont know what I have left. Can someone maybe provide some words of wisdom on what I should expect? My response to the LOIs was last Thursday. So it hasnt been a huge amount of time.

Is there anything else I can do?

I cannot speak to your chances, but I would encourage you to continue looking for non-government sector jobs while you wait.


I am, hopefully in companies that dont require a clearance to start.

For others coming here. I saw the following thread posted a few years ago.
Im not sure if DHS and DoD have reciprocity. But it gave me some good information.

They will think about rolling in tar and feathers to get you to talk! So, if you dont want to look loke a chicken then i wouod call your department FSO and submit to the demands they are requesting!

It got denied. Im not yet sure of the readons. I recieved an offer from another company in the area though. So I think things will be okay.