Shoplifting/Theft Charge

I have an active DOD Secret Clearance and I’m going through the process of an application for another job. The job requires me to get a State Department clearance so it’s about time for me to do another investigation. I have a paid citation for theft (doesn’t show up on a background and the police officer told me since it’s under 300$ I didn’t have to self-report, they said “don’t volunteer information if it’s not going to show up on your record”) I’ll be self-reporting on my re-investigation anyways because I’ve always been transparent on that, and I don’t want to be singled out a liar in the future, I understand it’s always a possibility. Also, I was never arrested, only cited.

Will this put my job in jeopardy and make me lose my security clearance?

So some pertinent information is needed. Did the theft happen after you got your clearance, and if so, did you report it to your security office? If you did and they took no action it should be not an issue. If you did not then we have a failure to follow reporting requirements.

I already had a clearance, and according to what you’re saying I failed to follow the guidelines. Should I withdraw my application for the job, then self-report to my current FSO? Or is there another path I should take. I just figured to report during my next investigation, but according to what I’ve been reading that was the wrong thing to do. What do you recommend in this situation?

I would recoomend reporting it immediately and keep pursuing the job, that way you have fulfilled your current job responsibilities and can show you followed the rules if asked by the new prospective job.