Need a little help

I got charged with a misdemeanor class 1 price altering back in February. I was unaware of the self reporting issues task. I know, I should’ve known. I hope to get the charges dropped. I go through the whole process for my security clearance in ~ 4 years. What are the chances of my clearance getting revoked? Is there somewhere I can report it other than my job? ( military subcontractor) My current clearance is confidential. Prior to this my record was all clean.

Thanks for your help,

Your FSO person/contact. Based on you already having been cleared and then arrested good chance of losing it, but I guess you never know right? Even if charges are dropped it will need to be reported

You need to self-report NOW . . . Don’t wait until the final disposition of the case and certainly don’t wait until your reinvestigation. You missed your shot at doing everything correctly (you should have reported right away) but continuing to delay will only make things worse.

There’s a chance that you will have problems but this is absolutely going to pop at some time. The sooner it’s done the better it looks for you.