Need to know if i will get my clearances unsuspended

To whomever can help me out. I have a TS and a Secret clearance. I recently got charged with a misdemeanor for showing a cop some fake car insurance. What do you think will happen when i submit this info to the DOD folks? Will they see the findings and give me back by ts and secret, or do you think they will want to do a further investigation. this happened back in Dec of 2014. I have kept my car insurance current to this day. whats going to happen next?

Something does not smell right in the kitchen. Why would you have a secret clearance while at the same time holding a TS? You would have had the secret upgraded to the TS after the SSBI was done. Regardless, the issue here is that you have not reported the arrest/charge yet which is a requirement for clearance holders. The charge itself is minor, but now you are painting a picture of untrustworthiness. Best report this ASAP and prepare to be interviewed about it.

thanks for responding marko. I been working with the government since 2011. I held the secret since 2011. I just got the TS around four or five months ago. Im in the process of reporting what happened thru my company. what kind f interview are you speaking of? How fast do you think it will happen?

my company is waiting for the dod folks, to prepare a way for my to fill out a new equip. Once i do that, and give them the details of my arrest and conviction, what will happen next marko?

The CAF will either have an adjudicator do it or instruct a security liaison to interview you as to the circumstances of the charge.

is this the part where i get issued a SOR? What happens after i speak to them about the circumstances of the charge? Do you think they will revoke my stuff, or unsuspend them, and let me have them back active? How long will this whole process take? Do you know?