Will i get my TS unsuspended

I got caught wiht some fake car insurance, in macomb county, in michigan. They gave me a fleony charge, and a misdemeanor charge for it. The felony was dismissed, and i had to plea to (showing a cop fake insurance), as the misdemeanor. Do you htink i will get my TS unsuspended, once i submit all this info to the DOD CAF folks? I have currnet insurance,a nd plan to keep it. What should i expect? Im 38 and made a mistake. I have no prior offenses either.

Willingly being dishonest and carrying fake insurance is by no means an accident and definitely not a “mistake.” Your job should be given to some other more deserving soul that didn’t consciously try to be cheap and cheat the system! Unfortunately you probably will be given a mulligan while the more deserving people are still looking for a decent job and can’t catch the real break THEY should be given!