HELP NEEDED PLEASE! Security Clearance & Dropped Felony Arrest Record


When I was 19, I got arrested and was charged with “False Insurance Claim” which is a “Felony” in my state. I was placed in Pretrial- Diversion and later the charge was dismissed(Nolle Pros). The record was also expunged. Since then, I have earned my Bachelor Degree, married and have a son, I even obtained “Secret Clearance” for my current Law Enforcement Federal Job. I am about start the BI for another job that requires “Top Secret Clearance”. Do you think I will have a chance although this incident happened more than 10 years ago?

Please give me some input guys.

Yes . . . You should be just fine.

Not trying to be annoying. But can you elaborate more? Have you seen or heard people of similar situation got approved for TS?

I really want this job man. But that stupid mistake I made in the past is worrying me man.

I assume that you completely disclosed and discussed this when you had your previous investigation? There are posts here from people with tougher, more recent, crimes than yours.

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Ofcourse, it was all disclosed on my SF86, to the investigator. I even disclosed it during the Polygraph. Well, thank you man, that’s very reassuring to hear people with worse stuff and more recent got a TS.