BI Question for TS Clearance From a 3 letter Agency

Currently going through my BI for a 3 letter agency under DOJ for a SA positon . I was arrested about 15 years ago. I was charged with “False Insurance Claim” which is a felony. The charge was later dropped and the arrest was expunged. The crime happened when i was 18-19. I took my poly and seems like I passed since I proceeded to take fingerprints and Drug test right after the poly. During the poly, the administer briefly asked about the arrest and later on, she said she didn’t see it as a problem.

My PSS also said he doesn’t see the arrest as a problem based on the “Whole Body” concept and it happened years ago.

Now I am reading some people have their entire BI, Medical completed and while waiting for offer letter etc, they received email telling them they are not suitable for the SA position.

Is it possible the same can happen to me?

I would think if I disclosed everything during my Security interview and Poly they would stop the process right away if my arrest was a problem.

FYI: I work for another 3 letter agency and hold a secret clearance.

Please guys, give me your input. I don’t want to have high hope for no reason.

Is it possible? Sure. But I gotta think that with something like this, you would never have gotten this far in the process since they knew all about that arrest from the start.

All these 1811 jobs have so many applicants I dont think they hesitate for a minute to drop someone since they know they have ten more candidates in the pipeline who are just as qualified.


It really depends on the position. Suitability and Security are really two different processes and there can be disqualifiers on the suitability side, especially for armed LEO positions that don’t exist in the security process

While I understand what you said, I think you missed the point. My question was, since I completed my SF86, I had my security interview, I had my poly and that arrest was disclosed and discussed and I am still moving in the process. Is there a chance they can drop me once the entire background is completed?

To me, if they were going to drop me, it would have been now since I completed all these steps. But it’s the Gov, who knows.

Did you disclosed it on SF86?
If yes, then I guess you don’t have to worry but if you didn’t and they disclosed it then you lied on the SF86 and you should be worry.

You apparently don’t understand. Suitability is different than security, and comes at the very end, after the clearance process, medical, PT test, etc. You can absolutely be denied suitability, regardless of your clearance outcome.

Here are two examples of people who had clearances/ were eligible for a clearance, but failed the suitability review.

You need to learn more about your application process. It’s really not that complicated…

Yes, I disclosed it on SF86 and had my security Interview etc. My poly was scheduled and done after my security interview where the arrest was discussed.

Now I understand and my question has been answered. Well, I will leave it up to God. We will see what the final outcome will be. I did my part.

Just to update you guys, my investigator has informed me that my BI file has been submitted to the analyst. I also received phone calls from the analysts asking questions about my SF86, but they never questioned me about my arrest etc. I have a good feeling I will get that TS clearance for this1811 position. I truly believe if my arrest was going to be an issue they would not have wasted all this resources on me.

Maybe I am getting ahead of myself , but during the spousal interview, my wife was told there is a big chance I will be at the academy in 2 months.

Leaving it up to “the analyst” now.

Hey, I have no choice man. I know the government is wasteful. But I just don’t see how they will not clear me if I get that far after knowing all they needed to know

Never underestimate how wasteful the government is. Some have been flown across the country multiple times, only to be denied after years of waiting. Understand that it is entirely possible.