Three letter agency Polygraph

Last year I was offered a position with a three letter agency. I passed the Polygraph but the offer was rescinded because of past drug use (over 15 years ago). I was told it was the frequency of the drug use that sent up a red flag. I had/have TS clearance prior to applying for this position. If I apply for a job that requires an SCI could they use the investigation I completed since I past my poly and nothing else was an issue?

Not an expert on poly but 3 letters didnt used to share info meaning you may have to start over on the fieldwork portuon but that may have changed. If you used equip the info should still be there so you wouldn’t have do that again. Some agencies require hand written 86 so you would have to redo the 86 if it was previously hand written.

It depends. If it was with NSA, they are a DOD agency, and the results might exist somewhere other than SC. If you were not granted access due to the poly, they often do not enter the information anywhere other organizations can access it. You would have to EOD for that information to be available.

Thank you VelcroTech for responding to my question. My poly wasn’t administered through NSA, I guess I need to ask my current FSO if he/she has access to SC. Thanks again for your response.

Thank you RB22 for responding to my question. I had a feeling I would have to start the process all over, which could take at least a year. I may just remain in my current position with my TS and call it a day. Thanks again.

More than likely, this will not exist in SC either. Other agencies, such as CIA will not complete the security processing until you EOD or onboard. So even though you may be eligible, the results of the investigation are not available. If you do reapply in 1 year, you will have to go through the entire process again.

I agree with you, I think the investigation has to be completed for anything to show in SC. Again, I really appreciate the feedback. Take care!