TSC/SCI and 2 time pot use within the last year

I recently was offered an internship with NGA and now required to get a Top secret/ SCI clearance with a polygraph. . Im currently a college student and I tried marijuana two times 8-9 months ago. I tried it once and didnt feel anything, then tried it again a couple weeks later and did not like it. I have no desire to ever do it again.

Shortly after I became really passionate about my studies and applied for this internship. I was told by multiple people who have the same clearance in regards to my situation that I would be fine and that they do not care. I plan on telling the truth and listing it in my paperwork, but I am worried about getting denied.
I was a freshman and have no contact with my roommate who let me try it.

What do you guys think?

Some 3 letter agencies have a one year no drug use minimum policy. I would double check regarding the NGA. If they don’t and you don’t have any other issues, you may get cleared. Just be honest either way

A couple three years ago, I would have said “no way.” But now who knows. As @Desk says, be honest, see what happens.

Should you, no. Will you, more than likely, they just don’t care about issues anymore. I am not even sure why they have a clearance process. Maybe to keep people employed? Seems like 99% of the denials are approved once lawyers get involved.

There is nothing on their website that states a time period. Only requires a passed drug test

Do you think they will deny right away?

That’s the worst part… they will drag the process out for months before issuing a denial. At least that’s how it usually seems to work.

The agency MAY withdraw their offer when they see this on your forms. If they do, they might be doing you a favor by allowing you to avoid a denial. There is usually an allowance for “youthful experimentation” (with which I do not completely agree) but being so recent, you are still “youthful”.

If all of your other ducks are in a line, you certainly may be OK. I would consider discussing this with your hiring contact. They should have some idea what the limits are for your position with your agency.

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